A Body you are Proud of, in Just 4 Weeks?

It's possible with the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Beginners Programme. Here's how it works, week by week:

  • So much more than just a fitness class. It is about being part of our community. Going through a transformational challenge together. Taking it one step at a time even if you are recovering from injury or just getting back into the ‘swing’ of it.
  • A step by step programme designed by a woman for women, covering the basic principles of using kettlebells safely and effectively including proper technique, breathing and form. 
  • You’ll be guided to understand safe movement building up your knowledge of moves and cardio fitness and learn to step into your power as a Warrior Goddess in training, building your strength from the outside and inside become stronger and more flexible in body and mind.
  • Harness the power of the Perfect tool – easy to handle, grip, lift and swing for women. No more masculine gym environments, anxiety over entering free weights area and no more fatloss, body shape change and fitness plateaus.
  • Access a fully supported online nutritional programme to help you learn how to eat for strength and body shape change. You'll find a full 28 day meal plan and step by step online guide to support all your nutritional needs.

Helping busy women harness the power of kettlebells for short meaningful workouts coupled with a customized eating approach to get a body they are proud of even in their 40s.

Studio location: Unit 11a Owen O'Cork Mill,  288 Beersbridge Road, Belfast, BT5 5DX

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Voted Best Fitness Class in Belfast

Award winning fitness studio and featured in all the local press 

+ Featured on front page on Newsletter for her contribution as a Plant Based Nutritionist.

+ Represented in both the Belfast Telegraph and Irish News as a key contributor to Women's Health and Wellness.

+ Represented in both local online and offline publications such as BAM Mag and GNI Mag to support all aspects of the local community.

+ Finalists in Northern Ireland Health & Fitness Awards 2019 for Best Small Studio Gym and Northern Ireland Fitness Influencer of the Year 2019 Finalist.

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What they say

What our goddesses have to say

Our Transformation Stories

Real life, Real Results.

“The best thing about this programme was the support not only from Lisa but the other goddesses who either persuading me to do more classes or encouraged each other with exercises etc or just to chat. I mostly did 2 classes a week and with their encouragement moved to 3 classes which I would like to continue. I now swing and do doubles with heavier bells too.”

Jacqui, age 47 

“The first 28 days passed I started to notice a difference in my body, mood and health. The second 30 days passed friends and family and fellow goddess started to notice the physical changes to my body. I am now 5 months in. I have lost 14 lbs ++ but I’ve gained a body which I am proud of. My health has improved from hormone imbalances, improvement with my psoriasis and my mental health..”

Kathy, age 43 

Ready to try it for yourself?

Reminder: Only 6 places available each month!