We empower amazing female coaches to empower our amazing female members. Sound like you?


What Moves Us

There are a lot of personal trainers who want to coach or create their own wellness/fitness business out there.

But there aren't enough trainers who are truly focused on their mission and vision of what they want in creating a profitable business or become a female wellness entrepreneur. 

If you're in this for the long haul and for the right reasons, we're there for you every step of the way. Because if we're not working every day to impact the industry through its coaches and their personal happiness and professional development, we're not truly serving our members and our community.

Ready to help us change lives? 


Lisa Barwise, the creator of Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training, came to the fitness industry at the ripe age of 39. Working as a Business Advisor and Marketing Consultant, Lisa Barwise has been involved in Women's Wellness for over 15 years but decided to leave her corporate career to work full time in Wellness 5 years ago. After teaching classes in a local yoga studio and developing an online business, she decided to open her own studio at the bequest of her community. In fact, every major decision made about the studio and its direction is guided by our members. This is a true community where we listen and respond to our members. 

Lisa herself is a published expert as a Plant Based Diet specialist and Women's Wellness & Empowerment coach being featured in Belfast Telegraph, Newsletter, BAM Mag, GNI Mag and was finalist in Best Small Studio 2019 in Health & Fitness Awards NI and finalist in 2019 Social Media Influencer of the Year.  

Our mission: Helping busy women harness the power of kettlebells for short meaningful workouts coupled with a customized eating approach.  

Focusing on what a woman wants: to feel sexy, strong, calm, desirable and confident and a body they are proud of in their late 30s and 40s.  

We believe training should not be painful, awkward, long, drawn out or boring and women’s lives should not revolve around dieting or the pursuit of rock-hard abs.  

All our training and workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of strength & c&nditioning training, martial arts and yoga to improve the lives and bodies of our fierce female members, guaranteeing that they never feel overwhelmed, bored or unmotivated when reaching their goals on being the best version of themselves.  

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If you join Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training 90 Day Apprenticeship, you'll be joining some of the most motivated people on the planet—motivated to transform their careers and their members' lives.

At WGKBT, you're not just signing up for a job. You're signing up for a full support system. From training resources, mentorship on the business & skills needed in the health & wellness industry, social media mentoring and monthly 1-2-1 sessions, you'll get to know us and we'll get to know you and your goals.


When our coaches are supported, our members succeed. We've set high standards and created smart structures to help make the tough work of training smoother, more effective and more satisfying.

We look for people who are doing great things outside are walls, too. It's important to us to maintain strong links across our local communities and create friends of our studio.


1. Work hard, live well

We work hard and are high achievers that do what needs to be done. We get the job done, no matter what. When we are working, we give it our all to get it done and go all in. But we also believe in being present where our feet are. We live well when we are not working so we can take care of ourselves.  

2. You can sit with us

We are fanatic about inclusion in our community. We are a culture of kindness to everyone and friends to anyone. We are obsessed about serving the marginalised and be a community more different than alike. We believe you cannot serve a diverse world unless you embrace diversity with your friends.  

3. Better than yesterday

We are growth minded. Our only competition is who we were yesterday. We focus on Progress, not perfection but always looking for ways to learn and grow. We are self-aware, we geek out over the next goal, the next challenge, over self-development, books, podcasts or videos and learning. We celebrate our milestones and cheerlead our team on achieving theirs. We are self-starters and lifelong learners.  

4. Plan to succeed

We are intentional. We focus on results no to dos. We think before we act. We plan for what we want. We believe you can achieve ANYTHING if you are focused, hardworking and have the right road map. We understand that success is our responsibility.

5. We choose joy.

Every freakin day. We choose a positive outlook and ground ourselves in gratitude and we want our community to be in enveloped in an amazing energy that you can feel when you walk through the door. We understand that to have that we first have to make that energy ourselves and then let it tumble out into the studio We choose laughter, happiness, dancing and smiles. Not because we believe life is always easy or fun. We just believe that even amongst the darkness we can create our own light.  


Our value and perks are among the best you'll find in the industry.

From extensive free training and certification opportunities to on-the-job mentorship, we want to help you build all kinds of career "muscles." Sign up below to be sent a link to our application & be notified about open positions before we post them publicly.